Sunday, February 17, 2008

The longest run

The long run. If you add the word treadmill to that phrase it fills most of us with dread. The treadmill used to be my nemesis. My wife is a nurse who works 12 hour shifts with many weekends so many of my runs are on the treadmill. The gym has a daycare so if I’m going to run, I must run inside. I run in snow, as seen here in a Half Marathon last weekend in Sarnia Ontario, -30c with the windchill. I run in the heat, dark, morning or night. But I cannot run with my two beauties in tow.

The treadmill run used to beat me every time. I’d go out for 40 minutes and I’d run 32. I’d set out for a long run of 90 minutes and suddenly I would have a hamstring pull that would get me off the machine.

The treadmill runs were simply a continuation of my life full of half measures. If I am going to succeed at my endurance goals I must do things that I do not like. One day around six months ago I broke through. I did 1:50 on the treadmill and have never felt better. I defeated the dragon of doubt that crept into my brain whenever I revved up the treadmill. I felt like a new man. I beat the toughest person that I have to face when running; myself.

Today I did an easy 90 minutes. I went there to do 90 and did it. Another check in the spiritual growth column.


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Patricio said...

Just found your blog in the runner's world forum.
Great stuff!
Man, I have been fighting the treadmill too.. can't get to get along, plus I always hurt!! And I've tried diff ones.
Anyway... good luck with the training and the blogging!